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(and making models of them in G-gauge!)

October 2004.
there is only one left.

The famous Erie railroad "southern tier" semaphores protected the Erie mainline through the southern Tier of New York state
for the majority of the 20th century.

Starting after WW1, and into the 1920's, the Erie originally had around 50 blades on the mainline between Binghamton and Hornell.
By the mid-1980's, when I first started taking train photos as a teenager in Waverly, dozens were still in use by Conrail.
The Fulton st. blade in Waverly was my favorite.
I also photographed the signals out in Barton and East toward Binghamton.
In the 1990's Conrail began to accelerate their removal.
and now, in 2004, only one solitary semaphore remains. in Endicott.

I went out to visit the last survivor on October 8, 2004.



notice that at some point a repair was done to the spectacle.
a large chunk of steel has been welded on near the pivot point.




No one knows how much longer she will stand..
but odds are not very long. :(

Here are some of my photos of the Waverly semaphore from the 1980's.



SEVEN Conrail SD40's and SD40-2's pass in Waverly.


The tower for the Waverly semaphore still exists, (the blade is gone, naturally..someone has it on their wall probably! ;)
im going to go and take measurements of it (the tower) so I can build a model of it..

For more photos of the Southern Tier Semaphores,
check out the excellent albums on
Photo Album

here are some more great photos. (these arent mine..)

AND! speaking of building a model of the Waverly semaphore!
im going to start out by scratchbuilding 2 models of "standard" Erie semaphores..
like the last survivor in Endicott..
I will make 2 of them so I can have them on both sides of a double-track mainline,
like the pair that stood in Barton.
in 1/29 scale. ("G scale")

I would like to thank Eric at
for some excellent drawings of the US&S type S semaphores.
they will be very usefull for making the models!

As soon as construction begins, I will make a new webpage and post it here.

Scot Lawrence,
Rochester, NY
(originally from Waverly)

sscotsman at yahoo dot com

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