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Layout Command Control

Layout Command Control

Resources for implementing Layout Command Control (LCC)

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LCC Information


Layout Command Control, a.k.a., LCC, is a data highway for the control of layout accessories, such as turnouts, signals and other accessories. It can also accept data inputs like block occupancy and push buttons. 

Theoretically DCC can handle the added data stream for layout controls, such as for turnouts, track detection and signals.  But there are a lot of advantages to segregating the layout controls:
  - Segregated control keeps the systems separate
  - A dedicated layout control system is designed for the needs of the layout 
  - LCC will integrate with any train control system via JMRI

One of the most common concerns is the stage of development of LCC - "it's still in development" or "it's still immature,"  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While there are few manufacturers supporting LCC, the products are well developed, are in service on many layouts, including larger club layouts.  The software, firmware and hardware is reliable, easy to use and works great!

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Intro To Layout Command Control

Layout Command Control - what it is and how it works.

Helpful LCC Clinic

The Arizona Railroad Historical Society put together an AWESOME clinic on how they implemented LCC.


OpenLCB is the actual name of the LCC system.  This site is THE comprehensive resource for OpenLCB and LCC.


The NMRA developed and specifies the LCC standards. If you want to take the deep dive, this is it.


LCC Integration on the

This is it!  These links will take you directly to the GNW blog posts chronicalling the design, installation, configuration and operation of LCC on my layout.

The journey begins....

Wiring, Controls, LCC and Turnouts

...and continues....

LCC and Wiring

LCC is not programming... it's configuring!

Let’s Configure a Node – The Beauty of LCC (With a bonus section on connecting LCC to PanelPro)

Simple and flexible... which means there are a lot of ways to do something.

More on LCC - Configuring a Turnout

It's only good if it actually does something on the layout.

Wiring To The Track

More on configuring

Configuring Push-buttons for Turnout Control in LCC (with BONUS section on Adapting JMRI for Feedback)

A snazzy feature!

LCC - Configuring a Push Button ~WITH~ Indication


How did it come together?  Check out this vid.  

Note: this was done in December 2018, and a LOT of work has been done since this was recorded.  But it gives a good overview of the system component and how they are put together.

LCC Demo Layout

A LOT of people are asking about LCC.  So to help folks understand how it is put together, this demo layout was put together.

Features one node, one I/O board, a power point, a USB interface and terminators to operate a simple control point including turnout motor, track detection and signaling.

Circle progress bars

Work continues... more will be coming!


Layout completeness


LCC Integration



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