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Great Northwestern Railway – Locomotive Services Group







To:                                  E.S., Liberty Valley Railroad

From:                              D.K., Great Northwestern Railway

Date:                               Wednesday, December 28, 2008 (er, 1979) 10:34 PM

Subject:                           C-19 Work Complete, Special Movement and Photos




To the Operations Dept – Liberty Valley RR


Power train work on LVRR C-19 #340 has been completed by GNW Warm Springs shops and loco is ready for test runs.  Test runs will have to be made on LVRR owing to the fact the GNW pulled up all their narrow gauge rails in the late 1940’s.  Waybill shows arrival at LVRR interchange on or about 12/30. 


One of our inspectors were on site to supervise movement out of shops; photos attached.


We thank you for this opportunity to serve the Liberty Valley Railroad.


Best regards for the New Year,









Loco being readied in shop.  Note the GNW standard gauge consolidation 2008 next to the LVRR loco!





GNW SW7 Cow/Calf set gently roll into shop to pull unit out to yard





…and the C-19 emerges!





Car is positioned in yard, readying for mainline movement.





The inspector was able to get a good tele-shot of the consolidation!





The loco was moved by the SW7 set, along with a caboose for the conductor and LVRR representatives for the movement to the interchange point.  Due to excessive overhang on the flat car, the caboose had to be placed ahead of the flat. 





Here is a photo of it rolling through Sand Creek.






We were able to get one final shot of it as it passed through a grade crossing at El Vado.




We understand the Liberty Valley Shops will finish the boiler work and installing other appurtenances needed to comply with FRA regulations. 




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