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The Whistlestop

The Whistlestop

Newsletter of the

Great Northwestern Railway


Volume 2, Number 2                                                                                          September 5, 2007


Sand Creek Trestle Burns!

New “Old” Wooden Trestle Built In Record Time


Branch Line Reopens In Record Time.


“The old wooden 1x2 (cleverly spray painted black to simulate a bridge) had to go.”  So said the board of directors of the GNW. 


With the availability of the Grand Central Gems bridge components, the time investment and quality reached an acceptable equilibrium.  Soon enough, the old bridge was demolished, and the new ‘old’ wooden trestle was installed across Sand Creek.  A short BN transfer leaded by an ex-Frisco MP15 was the first train to trundle across the bridge.


Besides looking cool, the dry wash was quickly recognized as a local wild life refuge.  Yup, the next day a cricket was found nestled among the timbers (no joke!).


Left over trestle bent cut off pieces made for a great scenic addition.  A few minutes with a propane torch (on the driveway, not in the basement) created fodder for a great adjacent detail of a older, previously fire damaged trestle.


A long Labor Day weekend made for a great opportunity to get the work done…




View across the Sand Creek Branch Line Trestle





Overview of Sand Creek Area





First Train over the trestle!






Is this a great rail fanning hangout… or what?!?



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