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17-4-14 Working bee at Bryan's. Sadly, no trains ever ran again on the Wiregrass.

before we started

after we finished

Mark and Keith at work

Geof does some track levelling

out with the old wood and replace it.

18-7-2012 A beaut sunny winter's day, saw us at Keith's - first for a splendid lunch by Pat, and then trains!

Here's a movie of some of the action. (2 mins)

Bryan's american diesel

Geof's very dirty tank

Bryan's miniature what??? with Keith's 79 class in background and Greg's 'Nick' railmotor at right

Keith's 40 class and Greg's Garratt

28-11-2011 A busy day on the Sandstone & Termite with 4 operators and only half the track available.
Melaleuca was very crowded.

Here's a movie of some of the action. (5 mins)

Greg's NSWR 36 class powers through Melaleuca

Greg's 10 class tank arrives Melaleuca

Bryan's new 'el cheapo' european tank. Not bad for $100 incl RC.

Geof's latest loco - a QR 1620 class. Melaleuca yard is FULL.

Keith's Climax on a backwoods passenger

14-4-2011 Another great day on the Bottle Creek Tramway.

Mark's 48 class and 'cowboy' cars.

Geof's latest loco - a QR 1620 class.

A couple of trains passing

13-10-2010 A great day on the Bottle Creek Tramway.
Here's a movie of the action using Greg's new keyfob video camera.
25/9/10 Spring Run Day on the SaTR.
To see the video click here

Overall view of Sandstone. Geof's Queensland train and smal Dunkirk loco at station. Greg's express on bridge.

Geof's loco at Ti-tree

Mark's new 48 class

Bryan's Shay on the viaduct

1/9/10 Keith and Bryan have both purchased double ended diesels from Accucraft.

This is Bryans.

Keith's on the right has a modified roof to fit the smaller loading gauge!.

Bryan's conversion of a Hartland Mack to a flat bed truck

31/7/10. Andrew Simpson and Graeme Price from Bomaderry to visit the SaTR. With Bryan and Geof that gave us 5 operators for a busy day.

Bryan took a Bachmann THOMAS engine and repainted it to a NSWR 18 class.

Graeme's little works train. Battery power with switch on hood. AA cells crammed in everywhere!

Geof's beautiful model of a Dunkirk geared loco. Aristo ART 29356 motor block.

21-4-2010 A great day on the Bottle Creek Tramway.
Here's a movie of the action
Run Day on the SaTR 14/4/2010

Greg's Garrattt, Keith's railmotor and Bryan's diesel at Ti-tree.

Mark has almost finished his model of a NSW 48 class.

Keith's new CPH railmotor

3/4/2010 Easter get-together on the SaTR

a long train pulled by Greg's recently radio controlled small diesel

Time to fire up the barbie. Greg and Bryan.

The long suffering ladies await lunch. Pauline, Chris and Pat.

Geof's tank on the big trestle

The new tracks at Lilyvale get a workout.

13/3/2010 A litany of derailments on the SaTR

Derailment number1

Derailment number 2

Derailment number 3

But some trains did stay on the tracks.
Geof's beautiful Queensland model at Maple Jn

Keith's almost completed railmotor speeds across the bridge.

Bryan's Garratt passes Melaleuca

10/3/2010 A live steam day at Keith's..... click here for video.

Bryan's RUBY. Not the greatest performer.

Bryan's Bachmann 4-6-0. No it's not live steam, but Ruby had failed miserably.

Keith's live steam Shay is a beautiful low speed performer.

20/1/2010 A very busy day at Keith's. Everyone turned up with a small hand-operated diesel !

Mark had his new battery shunter based on a Bachmann plastic Big Hauler. He's named it 'Bert' to compliment Greg's 'Ernie'.

Bryan has completed an A class Climax from a kit by Ozark Miniatures.

Bryan's litle diesel.

1/8/09 A fantastic operating day on the Sandstone and Termite - our first day where we attempted to operate end-to-end and shunt at most stations. Only passenger trains ran through and even they had to shunt when 2 passenger trains crossed at single platform stations. We generally shunted off rakes of 3-6 wagons and picked up a similar rake at each station.
Geof ran 2 trains, Bryan one, Mark one and Greg 3. We ran long trains requiring double heading or banking on uphill sections to add to the interest.

Geof's loco heads for the turntable while Bryan's diesel passes by.

Here's Geof's 2-6-0 and an excursion special, at Maple Jn station.

and Geof's 2-6-0 at Mint Gully bridge.

Ti-tree station with Geof's mogul and Nick the railmotor in the back platform.

'Ernie' is usually used as a banker, but today he also tried leading his big brother.
see video here

the old 4-8-0 lends a helping hand to the new diesel as they haul 15 bogie wagons up the 1:30 from Ti-tree to Sandstone.

Mark's Thoroughbred on the turntable at Melaleuca.

7/3/09 The first run of 2009 - the weather has finally cooled off enough to get outside again.

Mark has built a ballast hopper from a take away food container and some styrene.The ballast is styrofoam coloured with black ink.

Geof has bashed a Steinz into a quarry loco, and made a string of small hoppers from butter containers. see Geof's website for more details. here

Greg and Geof's diesels double head through Ti-tree to tackle the 1:20 grades ahead.

25/10/08 Another Springtime runday at Keith's Bottle Creek.

A busy day with 6 operators. Here at Bottle creek Geof's green Queensland 2-6-0 is in the back platform, Mark's Tasmanian X class approaches at top and a long line of Greg's old wooden coal hoppers trundles trough the front platform, while a tram waits in the dock.

18/10/08 Keith's miniature diesel converted from O gauge. Uses 3 AA cells and forward/off/reverse switch on roof.

24/9/08 Springtime at Keith's Bottle Creek.

the worm
The High Speed Worm pauses at Vale.

Brian's Heisler has been battery powered, but is waiting for sound to be installed.

Brian's new Hartland loco. This is the first we have seen of this manufacturer's product.

A 5 hour running session on 17/9/08 at the SaTR.

The SaTR had a visit from Bill Cooper. Here's his Hill End diesel and in the background, his mogul on a passenger train at Ti-tree. Greg's 19 class is in the platform road with a mixed goods.

Keith's new RS3 (it will become a NSW 40 class - he's already added a 3rd axle to the bogie) and Greg's new orange diesel double head through Sandstone. The new diesel needs more weight in it, and stuck up on the hill so needed assistance.

A busy Run day on Keith's layout. Mark's Thoroughbred diesel (red) and Bryan's RS3 cross at Pine Creek. 9/2/08

The future and the Past. Bryan's LCE set passes Geof's old Queensland railmotor "Red Fred" 16/8/08

Geof's mogul hauls Geoff Hallam's English passenger cars through Melaleuca on the SaTR 16/8/08

Mark's electric magically gets power from the air. 10/5/08

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