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Kansas City Southern GG20B 1869

GG20B Rosters

RPRX 2001

Owner: Kansas City Southern Number:

KCS 1869

Built: June 10, 2005 Serial Number: 1RPGGB20151000033
Hybrid History: KCS 1869 (2005-present) Converted at: Alstom Ogden (Calgary) shops.
Donor Unit: Midsouth Rail (MSRC) 1069 (EMD/IC GP10) Built: Jan, 1955
Build No.: 20148 Frame No.: 5378-2
Unit History: Gulf & Mississippi (GMSR) 8069 (EMD GP9)    
  Illinois Central Gulf (ICG) 8069    
  Illinois Central (IC) 8069    

IC 9069 (Rebuilt to GP10, 1969)

  Midsouth Rail 1069    



According to the Kansas City Southern Historical Society, KCS 1869 is deployed at Beaumont, TX. Many thanks to the KCS Historical Society.


TERP-funded units. From a KCS Press Release.

1869 photographed at various locations in Arkansas headed south on delivery run by B.Holt. 6-28-2005. From
Build unit and history from the KCS Historical Society rosters used with much appreciation.
Reported at CAD Rail (Lachine, QB) in late March, 2006 for repairs after an apparent battery fire. From Canadian Railway Observations May, 2006 issue. Still at CAD in early 2008. Rumored to be up for conversion from hybrid to genset. KCS chairman Haverty said that KCS will be getting two gensets in 2008.
KCS 1869
Night photo, possibly in Calgary. Location and date unknonwn. Railpower photo. Click to enlarge.
KCS 1869
In transit at Gravette, AR. June, 2005. Photo by Brent Holt. Click to enlarge.
KCS 1869
Working in Beaumont, TX. 2005. Photo by Wayne Meaux. Click to enlarge.
bnsf 1211
|KCS 1869, BNSF 1211 and RPRX 1700 at CAD in Lachine, QC. May 2007. Photo by Marc Caya. Click to enlarge.
bnsf 1211
|KCS 1869 at Canada Allied Diesel in Lachine, QC. April 2007. Photo by Marc Caya. Click to enlarge.

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