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For our GSoF Club

>>> March, 2018 happenings:
  • Friday March 9th. Returning speaker Mr. Edward Biggs (2015) will be our presenter. Ed's topic will be on "Interesting Locomotives." Mr. Biggs runs a rail appriasal service in Marietta.
    Please don't forget that the $15 dues for this year are due (in case you have not done so yet?)!

    >>> April, 2018 happenings:
  • Friday April 13th. Thanks to John Falk, Robert West will be our speaker this evening. His topic will be "The Pullman Porters". Did you see the GDA [Good Day Atlanta, Channel 5] video report at 9:30AM on Feb 12th, 2018? Robert was interviewed, had his works displayed and talked about his 'Porter' grandfather. (Sorry, but we moved John Hollner's program again.)

    >>> May, 2018 happenings:
  • Friday May 11th. Returning speaker Dave Booker will be the main event this night with a presentation on “Model Rail Operating Session – With Real World Problems”. Dave is a former Norfolk-Southern employee, and now is an independent rail consultant. Dave will talk on conducting model railroad operating sessions using prototypical problems. He will tie how he uses his model railroad to educate new employees to how short line railroads work and the problems they encounter.

    >>> Maybe June or July?, 2018 happenings:
  • Past president John Hollner will [maybe] be the presenter this evening. If so, his topic will be "NY Central Steam in the 50's". [This program has been rescheduled due to the cancelling of our 2017 Christmas Party, and the scheduling of the January holiday/New Year's Party at the Coles.]

    >>> We need activities and programs for 2018. Anyone?? Please ??? Contact Bob Lacheen! How about someone volunteering to do a presentation on World Peace ???

    >>> Some 2018 happenings:
  • Friday Something-someth. Allan Sayle will give a great talk about "Seeing different things and seeing things differently when railfanning." The talk will be liberally illustrated with photographs taken during my domestic and international railfanning trips.

    >>> Ongoing/yearly Atlanta area events:
  • Weekends: The NRHS and Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia is open and offers caboose rides. (In December Santa is on many of the trains!)
  • Every November is National Model Railroading month. About 70 Piedmont Division NMRA member layouts host open houses at various times every November Saturday and Sunday. Please visit the "Piedmont Pilgrimage" (see web page for link.)

    GSoF Schedules, Outing Announcements & Maps

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    Map to GSoF Meetings at the Covenant Presbyterian Church (MS Word 97)
    "The [last] Ferroequinologist April 2008"
    Map to Misty Mountain RR in Blairsville

    Art Train in pencil by Anna Veccelio, 4th Grade