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For our GSoF Club

>>> December, 2019 happenings:
  • Friday December 13th. Our Holiday Party at the Covenant Church!!!! Bring a food item to share (sorry, NO alcohol.) The food line starts at 7PM. Eating, chewing the fat, railroad stories, etc. and yaddy....

    >>> We need activities and programs for 2020. Anyone?? Please ??? Contact Bob Lacheen! How about someone volunteering to do a presentation on World Peace ???

    Maybe we will finally hear Walt Beamer present the video "Big Power" about large power diesels.

    >>> January 2020 happenings:
  • Friday January 10th. Our own Doug and Tim Munnel will do a presentation on Dallas and nearby Texas rilroads. Please come !

    >>> February 2020 happenings:
  • Friday February 14th. Our own Bob Lacheen will do one of his great presentations, this time it is about his travels in Oklahoma. Be there !

    >>> March 2020 happenings:
  • Friday March 13th. Our own Del Kittendorf will do a presentation on railways in Germany Be there !

    >>> April 2020 happenings:
  • Friday April 10th. Our own Bob Hoenes will do a presentation on "The White Pass and Yukon train ride from Skagway, AK".

    >>> Some 2020 happenings:
  • Friday Something-the-someth. Someone may give a great talk. Step up! Volunteer! Or if you know someone with a rail topic, tell Bob L.

    >>> Ongoing/yearly Atlanta area events:
  • Weekends: The NRHS and Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia is open and offers caboose rides. (In December Santa is on many of the trains!)
  • Every November is National Model Railroading month. About 70 Piedmont Division NMRA member layouts host open houses at various times every November Saturday and Sunday. Please visit the "Piedmont Pilgrimage" (see web page for link.)

    GSoF Schedules, Outing Announcements & Maps

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    Map to GSoF Meetings at the Covenant Presbyterian Church (MS Word 97)
    "The [last] Ferroequinologist April 2008"
    Map to Misty Mountain RR in Blairsville

    Art Train in pencil by Anna Veccelio, 4th Grade