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GSoF, Inc. Finances and Member Benefits


The GSoF is a Non-Profit Corporation registered with the Secretary of State in the State of Georgia.

We have dues of $20 [set at the January 2020 meeting of members] per calendar year, which is a full privilege membership for a family (all persons residing at one address). The dues pay for our meeting room, monthly and special notice mail outs (paper & eMail), and occasional information hand-outs. For first-time members only, the dues are half ($10.00) if joining July, or after, of any year. When paying by CHECK, please make it payable to our treasurer "Robert Hunt", and NOT the Society (necessary for banking reasons).

Outings are financed on a pay-as-you-go basis, or actual expenses divided among the participants. The benefit of joining an outing with the Society is for discounts on economy of group rates (sometimes Senior Citizen or OPRs - Old Person's Rates), and of course, the social participation.

Membership and visitors at meetings usually number about 2 to 3 dozen. We have about 3 dozen active members on our roster each year.

Refreshments are usually served at regular meetings. Small contributions to offset the cost of these foods and beverages is always appreciated! In April of 2009 we purchased a video projector for use at our meetings. Now we can watch all of those wonderful trains from those digital photographs made by our members. Until we feel comfortably safe meeting in person again, we are enjoying monthly presentations together on-line at our regular meeting times.

Drop by and visit with us; become a member!