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GSoF - Purpose and By-Laws

A brief history of the ByLaws of the Georgia Society of Ferroequinologists

From the formation of the Society in the mid-1970s, (originally as the Cobb Society of Ferroequinologists) a set of ByLaws was written and adopted on August 1, 1980 that described purpose and officers. These were Chief Engineer, Chief Conductor, Chief Dispatcher and Purser. In 1985 a new set of ByLaws were written and adopted with officers defined as President, Vice Presidents, and a Historian. This ByLaws format has survived to date. As the Society grew, it was decided to incorporate in the State of Georgia and that was done on November 19, 1986, with the Society renamed the "Georgia Society of Ferroequinologists." A change reflecting this was proposed for the ByLaws and adopted. As the Society had no dues initially, but began incurring expenses, discussions were held in the mid-1990s to impose a dues. An addition to the 1987 ByLaws was proposed and adopted (S.5.03). By 2005 it was deemed necessary to increase dues, and a revision to S.5.03 of the ByLaws was adopted. In 2012 a committee was formed to rewrite the 2005 document, and this was done and adopted in April 2014 rewriting Article V, resulting in removing S.5.02 and S.5.03.
In November 2019 all members present wished to increase dues from $15 to $20. As this fee is set in our By Laws, a motion was made and passed in January 2020 to revise Section 5.01 of our By Laws, also changing the the wording of 1/2-year dues for 1st time members.
In August of 2022 Article 11 was added, as we saw there was no "Dissolution" clause in our ByLaws.

The ByLaws of the Georgia Society of Ferroequinologists were rewritten and adopted by the Membership on April 11, 2014. For a printable version of the April 2014 ByLaws (as amended), please click on one of the following. The varoius formats are provided for your convenience:

ByLaws in MS Word-97 format.
ByLaws in Plain Text (Notepad) format.
ByLaws in PDF format.

Below is an HTML format of the document:

Georgia Society of Ferroequinologists By Laws

Amended August 12, 2022