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A List of Local Favorites

-------- Recent Contributions --------

N&W Steam - 26 mins. The Modern Coal Burning Steam Locomotive - 1942
HO UP Big Boy Leslie Toth's first locomotive run on his new layout
A Warning Message video A policy for dealing with vandalism - (ahem!)
Passenger train video Nostalgia (sniff), 5 minute classic video.
Peru Railway video Through the Andes Mtns, 2 minute advertizing video.
Ravenglass Railway video English Narrow-gauge, 8 minute video from 2107. Boneyard Railroads (42 minute video from 15+years ago). Little and Often - firing a locomotive. The Choo Choo Bob TV show ! Extreme - Dangerous railways in the world !! UP 4014 Big Boy 2017 restoration update. UP 3985 Challenger in motion !
  • From Allan S. in April 2017:
    Penn Station revamp ?
    Borders Railway to Carlisle
    East Lancashire Steam Gala
    First London-to-China Train
    Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway Bob's Garage - Not trains, but cool nostalgia! Spiraling model train layout.. New British STEAM ocomotive. The TEXAS and GENERAL Locomotives. Gomez Adams plays with trains!
    The soon-to-be-gone RB B&B (Red) Circus Train. Gulliver's Gate in Times Square NYC 1929 Ohio River channel opening Brightline trainset leaves factory for Florida. Belgian train of chocolate ! Steam in Germany. A tribute to Bill Purdie, at the throttle of engine 765. Fort Wayne RR Historical Society. Lynville, TN railroad museum, south of Nashville. Chic-fil-A's family fun ranch, west of Macon. Chicago's MOSI, HO layout. Silent film on trackwork. N&W 611-J part 1. N&W 611-J part 2. Cumberland West B&O HO club layout. Detroit Chi-Town & Union Station 2-rail O-gauge club layout. UP SD-70 ACe #8444 in HO scale. Impressive sound. Big trains & ploughs turning big snow! How 21 engines work; animated line drawings. CP Rail Holiday Train. Holiday Train through Ontario. The Biggest Operating Triple Steam Engine At Kempton. Model-making a UP "Big Blow" - Part 1 & 2 &3. Portrait of a Romanian train driver (engineer.) 4-min video C&O #1309 wins Trains Preservation Award. Addicting Trains - Fun photos & captions. Fall color: CSXT KD-sub & Corbin Terminal Double bi-directional figure 8 HO spiral using KNEX and Bachmann EZ track Norfolk & Western Model Train Layout - Heavy Steam Secrets of Grand Central Station's Sub-Level Basement Australia Railfest 17 April 2015 1955 24hp VW Minibus on steelwheels Santa Fe 2-10-4's & PRR J1's - Sandusky, OH 1956 B&O Museum's C&O Allegheny 2-6-6-2 locomotive restoration See page 2 for some new rail development possibility at Cape Caneveral. North Atlanta Train Show January 2015 promo video. Modern day revival of a British Army steam convoy. A silent movie ca. 1915 that was shot on the SP's LA & Salt Lake Line. A bit of steam to diesel railroading history; Hancock whistle et. al. Danger On The Rails !!! Train Crash Compilation. Soon to come at the old Elias D. Adkins (EDAville RR) site…. TVRRM 4501 and 630 team engine double-heading; Nov 8, 2014. Largest model railway of Russia - that covers over 8600 sq ft. Snowplough through Arthur’s Pass in New Zealand Southern Alps. A look at some of the first running of the new Atlanta streetcars. A 2 minute video of the BRSRR and the Blue Ridge Mountains: October 2014. Overhead photos of the BRSRR and the Blue Ridge Mountains: October 2014. The making of a steam whistle; quite an art. 17 min video. Narrow gauge railroading in Romania. Link and pin coupling! C&O #1309 2-6-6-2 moved on 5/12/14 from Balto, MD to Cumberland for restoration ! The National Museum of Commercial Aviation near Atlanta, GA airport.. A behind the scenes video that shows the making of the Johnny Depp movie "The Lone Ranger." 

    -------- Organizations -------- Our (GSoF) Society ! National Model Railroad Association Southeastern Region of the NMRA Piedmont Division of the NMRA World's Greatest Hobby Promotion Piedmont Pilgrimage RCAI - Railroadiana Collectors Association, Inc. Key, Lock & Lantern Association of Railroadiana Collectors Carolwood Pacific (Disney) Historical Society Pat Turner's 2.5" scale, 7.5" gauge railroad Rails to Trails Conservancy National Train Collectors Association Dixie Division of the T.C.A.
    NARVRE 'PDF' info sheet National Association of Retired & Veteran Railroad Employees
    No web site. Please call Helen Anderson at 770-489-3287 Canton, St. Paul & Pacific 1.5" Live Steam Railroad Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading Bluegrass Railroad Club, Kentucky

    -------- Railroad Conventions & Train Shows -------- State-by-state Train Show/Events Railroadiana Shows World's Greatest Hobby Shows Greenberg Shows (also see GTExpo) The Great Train Expo Defunct Great Western & Atlantic (GATS) Shows A list of rail & model shows.

    -------- Rail Theme Museums -------- Age of Steam Roundhouse -Leviathan 4-4-0 2014 Reference/Steam Locomotives/2011/11/Glossary of steam locomotive terms.aspx?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CTR_News_130703_Final& Steam Loco definitions Southeastern Railway Museum & NRHS (Train rides) Southern Museum [of Civil War & Locomotive History] The Cyclorama & Texas Locomotive Atlanta History Center Marietta Museum of History
    Raymond Lowey Exhibit at CNN/Atlanta SAM Railroad (Train rides) 877-427-2457 Heart of Dixie RR Museum (Train rides) Tenessee Valley Scenic RR, 423-894-8028. Video on steam loco #630. Cuyahoga Valley (Ohio) Scenic RR EnterTrainment Junction in West Chester, Ohio.

    -------- Railroad & Historical Society Sites -------- L&N Railroad Center for Railroad Art & Photography Tulluah Falls Railroad

    -------- People in Railroading Sites -------- Rogers_E._M._Whitaker,4687927 George Pins,_Baron_Beeching Baron_Beeching

    -------- Railroad Passenger & Government Sites -------- Georgia Rail Passenger Authority The National Gateway Project

    -------- Train Watching Sites -------- Train Watching via web-cams Many steam locomotives... Atlanta area railroading scene. North Platte, Nebraska, UP's Bailey Yard. Cabin Fever Expo in York, PA Florala Alabama, Railroad History

    -------- Rail Travel & Tours -------- Marietta Trolley Tours Amtrak Rail Travel Center Society of International Railway Travelers 800-478-4881 Grand Circle Travel no longer active. Grande Luxe (formerly AOE) In bankruptcy, Sept 2008. The Royal Scotsman Venice Simplon-Orient-Express ROVOS Rail Through Southern Africa VIA Rail Canada Luxury Aussie rail retreat Rail tourist trains of the World! Five Scenic Train Rides Through America

    ------ Model Trains, Clubs and Layouts ------ German layout: Hochschwarzwald. Check listings for toy train layouts... Check listings for Garden Railways... The Railroad Model Club of Atlanta... Mercersburg, PA Museum Model RR Northlandz Model RR in New Jersey More of Northlandz Model RR.
    Click here to see yet another Northlandz video.

    -------- Hobby & Railroad Shop Sites -------- Model Railroad Hobby Help and Tidbits Hobby Shop Mapping Locator Hobby Shop Locator Railroadiana Catalog Athearn & Roundhouse site Schrader's Railroad Catalog Green Frog's Rail Video Catalog Buy, Sell, Trade Model Trains Christchurch N.Z. Shop Childrens' Backyard Pedal Trains

    ---- Live Steam, Clubs and Minature Railroads ---- Quentin Breen's massive 1.5" railroad in Oregon... Friends of Train Mountain... Cabin Fever Expo in York, PA 16" Gauge Whisky River Railway at Little Amerricka
    House and 7.6" gauge train/track for sale.

    -------- Rail Photos & Videos (Like YouTube, etc.) --------

    23-Minute video "From Tree to Ties", a 1930s B&W film. Hard work!
    7-Minute video of snow plough operations on the Strassburg RR.
    Photo essay on the Powder River Basin & coal operations.
    A 2013 update video on Miniatur Wunderland in Germany.
    Chattanooga Choo Choo instrumental on the organ! A warm & fuzzy Coca Cola commercial - 2013 season. A video potpouri of some very unusual railroad vehicles. Run time about 15 minutes. NYCs 2019 East Side Tunnels. Wiki info on NYC East Side Tunnels. Union Pacific # 844; Speed is shown at 1 minute 40 seconds. Steam train blowing snow in Tahoe... Diesel pushing snow in the plains states - nice Railroad co. radio cross-talk to go along with it... Diesel pushing snow in the plains states. Snow plowing without a plow Snow Plow Derailment Train laying its own track Rail grinding and ballast cleaning videos NKP 765 and PM 1225, taken in 2010. 10-minutes. Beautiful Railway Stations Not glamorous, but a necessary part of railroading. Here's a view from above, as work train A001's knuckle-boom operator places crossties around the ANJ900 mile marker. You get a clear view of how the machine moves from car to car while working, and the "ramp car" at the end which allows it to climb up or down from the train. China train through market Toy Train song Frisco #1630 return to steam !
    Click here to watch interesting old tram video from Down Under!

    Have fun finding trains on the Web !!!