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Pat_2342202 - Gyrating Warning Lights

US Pat. 2342202


by Jeremiah D. Kennelly
Filed: March 22, 1941; Serial No. 384,615
Patented: Feb. 22, 1944

Light unit is shown as having 7 lights, 5 which are fix mounted.

The 5 fixed reflectors 15 are mounted to stationary plate 14.
The 2 movable reflectors 17 are supported via their sockets 18 to a cross beam 13 by a ball mounted joint 19 or by any other suitable joint.

Lever arm 20 extends to the rear of the joints 19 and is connected to a cross bar 21.
Extending to the rear of the other ball joint 19 is a lever 20a which has the intermediate portion connected to a cross strap 21.
The rear portion of lever 20a is connected to a lever 22 driven by motor 23.

Through a train of gears, the motor 23 drives shaft 26 which is provided with integral drive lever 27, provided with a slot 28 which engages a drive pin 29 on lever 22.

The 2 moveable reflectors produce lateral sweeping rays.

The moving reflector beams reinforce the stationary ones in the immediate forward direction, while their sweep to the left or the right attracts the attention of motorists.

Effectiveness as a warning device is obtained by the "suddeness" with which the light beams strike the eye of the observer after leaving the main light pattern thrown by the headlight.

The device could be applied to a single moveable reflector or more than the 2 shown.