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Beaver Tails

Beaver Tails


Original Beaver Tail 24 Seats
Car #Car NameYear BuiltCars Outcome
(4449)*Nokomis1934Converted to Storage Car No. 1955 in 1952
(4450)Wenonah1934Converted to Storage Car No. 1956 in 1952
* Sources Indicate the cars were given the Numbers in Parentheses, But no Evidence Can be Found That These Numbers Were Applied To the Cars While in Service.
2nd Edition Beaver Tail 26 Seats, Plus 12 in the Solarium
Car #Car NameYear BuiltCars Outcome
NoneOmeme1936Converted to Storage Car No. 1957 in 1952
NoneOpeche1936Converted to Storage Car No. 1958 in 1952
Finned Beaver Tail 28 Seats, Plus 17 Seats in the Solarium
Car #Car NameYear BuiltCars Outcome
NoneEarling1938Converted to Storage Car No. 1959
NoneMerrill1938Converted to Storage Car No. 1960
NoneMiller1938Scrapped In 1961
NoneMitchell1938Scrapped In 1961

1935 Original Beaver Tail

1936 2nd Edition Beaver Tail

1939 Finned Beaver Tail

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