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Baggage Cars and R.P.O.s

Baggage Cars and R.P.O.s


Olympian Hiawatha Baggage-Dorm
Car#sYear BuiltLater Service
1309-13141947Used in MILW/UP Trains
Morning Hiawatha Railway Post Office (R.P.O.)
Car #sYear BuiltLater Service
2150-21511938Used in pool service
2152-21531947Used in pool service
North Woods/Olympian Hiawatha R.P.O-Express
Car #sYear BuiltLater Service
12051937Used in pool service
1208-12131947Used on the Chippewa Hiawatha
Morning/Twin Cities/Midwest Hiawatha Express
Car #sYear BuiltLater Service
1305-13071938Used in pool service
1330-13361947Used in pool service

Baggage-Dorm Cars

Baggage-Dorm 1309Baggage-Dorm 1310Baggage-Dorm 1312 (frisco 1522 "firefly")Baggage-Dorm 1312 (frisco 1522 "firefly")Baggage-Dorm 1312 (frisco 1522 "firefly")Baggage-Dorm 1312 (frisco 1522 "firefly")Baggage-Dorm 1313

Railway Post Office (R.P.O)

R.P.O 2152R.P.O 2153Heavy Weight R.P.O


R.P.O-Express 1208R.P.O-Express 1213


Express 1307Express 1330Express 1335Express 1336Express 2706

Unknown Cars

"Shoreview""Shoreview""Shoreview"Baggage from 1938 HiawathaBaggage from 1938 HiawathaBaggage from 1938 HiawathaBaggage from 1938 HiawathaRPO from 1938 HiawathaUnknown Baggage

Ex-Milwaukee Cars

Ex-Milw 1938, Converted to Express

Special thanks to Michael Beckemeier for the use of his photos!

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