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Skytop Lounges

Skytop Lounges


The 10 Skytops, created by industrial designer Brooks Stevens in 1948, were probably the most distinctive cars ever built. Milwaukee Road built 4 parlor cars in their own shops (1 drawing room and 24 parlor seats) and had Pullman Standard build 6 sleepers, each with 8 bedrooms and a lounge.

The lounges served on the Chicago - Minneapolis "Hiawatha Service" until 1970, and the sleepers were on the "Olympian Hiawatha" until 1964, then on CN's "Super Continental" until the mid 70's. A side note on the CN. After their purchase of all 6 skytops, the proceeded to change the undercarrige arrangement, as well as remove the 2 smallest windows in the upper course, adjecent to the large vertical structural members.

Skytop Parlor/Sleeper cars: - Pullman Standard Lot #6775 - plan # 4138 - all retired 1977 and stored in Winnipeg.
"Creek" Series Skytop Sleeper/Lounge

Car #Car NameYear BuiltCars Outcome
12"Alder Creek"1948CN 1900 "Mahone"
13was omitted
14"Arrow Creek"1948CN 1901 "Malpeque
15"Coffee Creek"1948CN 1902 "Fundy"
16"Gold Creek"1948CN 1903 "Trinity"
17"Marble Creek"1948CN 1904 "Baddeck"
18"Spanish Creek"1948CN 1905 "Gaspe"

Parlor cars: built in Milwaukee Road shops - in service prior to the PS sleepers, which began arriving 11/48.

"Rapids" Series Skytop Lounge

Car #Car NameYear BuiltCars Outcome
186"Cedar Rapids"1948Withdrawn From Service in 1970
187"Coon Rapids"1948Withdrawn From Service in 1970
188"Dell Rapids"1948Withdrawn From Service in 1970
189"Priest Rapids"1948Scrapped in 1970

"Coffee Creek" Restoration

The Unknown Skytop
The Rolling Greenhouse
The End
"Creek" Series Diagram
"Rapids" Series Diagram
Underframe Diagram

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