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Car #s/NameYear BuiltService (Later Service)
2 (2142)/Lake Coeur d'Alene1948Oly (CN Wanapetei River)
3 (2143)/Lake Keechelus1948Oly (CN Warpath River)
4 (2144)/Lake Pepin1948Oly (CN Vermillion River)
5/Lake Oconomowoc1948Oly
6 (2145)/Lake Pend Oreille1948Oly (CN Dauphin River)
7/Lake Chatcholet1948Oly
8 (2146)/Lake Pewaukee1948Oly (CN Torch River)
9/Lake Nashotah1948Oly
10/Lake Kapowsin1948Oly
11/Lake Crescent1948Oly

Car #Car NameYear BuiltCars Outcome
12"Alder Creek"1948CN 1900 "Mahone"
13was omitted
14"Arrow Creek"1948CN 1901 "Malpeque
15"Coffee Creek"1948CN 1902 "Fundy"
16"Gold Creek"1948CN 1903 "Trinity"
17"Marble Creek"1948CN 1904 "Baddeck"
18"Spanish Creek"1948CN 1905 "Gaspe"

Car #s/NameYear BuiltService
19/Madison River1948Pnr Ltd
20/St. Joe River1948Pnr Ltd
21/Yellowstone River1948Pnr Ltd
22/Gallatin River1948Pnr Ltd
23/Vermillion River1948Pnr Ltd
24/Jefferson River1948Pnr Ltd
25/Chippewa River1948Pnr Ltd
26/Wisconsin River1948Pnr Ltd
31/Minnesota River1954Pnr Ltd
32/Zumbro River1954Pnr Ltd

Car #s/NameYear BuiltService
27/Raymond1949Pnr Ltd
28/Rodney1949Pnr Ltd
29/New Lisbon1949Pnr Ltd
30/Wisconsin Dells1949Pnr Ltd

Car #s/NameYear BuiltService (Previous Service)
*33/Pacific Bridge1949-50Service (UP)
*34/Pacific Cruiser1949-50Service (UP)
*35/Pacific Guard1949-50Service (UP)
*36/Pacific Harbor1949-50Service (UP)
*37/Pacific Light1949-50Service (UP)
*Cars 33-37 were built by the Budd company in 1949-50 for the Union Pacific. They were the Milwaukee's only Budd built corrugated cars. In 1971 the cars were retired and in December 1971 to N de M

Oly=Olympian Hiawatha, Pnr Ltd=Pioneer Limited


#3 "Lake Keechelus"#4 "Lake Pepin"#5 "Lake Oconomowoc"#5 "Lake Oconomowoc"#9 "Lake Nashotah"#10 "Lake Kapowsin"#12-18 "Creek Series Skytops#22 "Gallatin River"#27 "Raymond" #36 "Pacific Guard"
Special thanks to Michael Beckemeier for the use of his photos!

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