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Big Creek & Telocaset- GE 44-ton #106

Big Creek & Telocaset Railroad
GE 44-ton #106

Almanor Railroad #106, to become Big Creek & Telocaset #106, at Chester, CA. Earl Spencer photo, from Pacific News issue #38. The BC&T never relettered the locomotive during its years of service on the road, and, except for the addition of large snowplows on both ends of the locomotive, it retained this appearance until the Valley & Siletz repainted the locomotive after its arrival in western Oregon.

Valley & Siletz #8, formerly Big Creek & Telocaset #106, switching cars in Independence, OR. Photo courtesy of Scott Anderson.

The former BC&T #106, now property of Stimson Lumber Company, switching cars at their plant. The ex-SP bay window caboose is used as a spacer car so that the locomotive does not have to tread onto some of the more questionable spurs in the complex. Photo courtesy of Scott Anderson.

One last shot of the small diesel, taken after Stimson gave it this orange paint job. Photo courtesy of Scott Anderson.

Former Big Creek & Telocaset #106, now owned by the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, in storage on the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad south of Tillamook, Oregon, in July 2011. Jeff Moore photograph.