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Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company #5

Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company
Baldwin 2-8-2 #5

Brooks-Scanlon #5 in the Bend mill. Jerry Lamper collection.

Brooks-Scanlon #5 switching empty log flats in the Bend mill. Jerry Lamper collection.

Brooks-Scanlon #5 in the Bend mill, with the closed Shevlin-Hixon mill across the river visible in the background. Jerry Lamper collection.

A winter shot of Brooks-Scanlon #5 on the railroad bridge over the Deschutes River. Jerry Lamper collection.

The #5 survived thanks for an enginehouse fire that destroyed two Georgia Pacific locomotives on their logging railroad out of Siletz, Oregon. G-P purchased the #5 as replacement power. It's seen here after arriving at Siletz but before being relettered for its new owner. Jerry Lamper collection.

Another photo of the #5 shortly after being relettered for Goorgia Pacific. Jerry Lamper collection.

The G-P #5 at their Siletz camp temporarily mated to the tender from Georgia Pacific #3, formerly Coose Bay Lumber #103, another Baldwin mikado transferred to Siletz after the engine house fire. C.G. Heimerdinger photo, Jeff Moore collection.

Former Brooks-Scanlon #5 on display as Georgia Pacific #5, Corvallis, Oregon. Jeff Moore collection.

Former The former Brooks-Scanlon #5 as it appeared in March 2019. Jeff Moore photo.