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Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company Camp Cars

Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company
Surviving Camp Cars

Caboose #103. Jerry Lamper collection. At least five Brooks-Scanlon camp cars are known to exist. One car served for years storing doors at a retail lumber yard near the south end of Bend, once retired from that the High Desert Museum acquired the body and have moved it to their grounds to be part of their logging camp display should it ever get built. The other four cars were part of the Brooks-Scanlon camp at Sisters and have been moved to the former Shevlin-Hixon sawmill site in Bend where they have been converted to offices. Thanks to Martin Hansen for some information on these cars.

Photos of the four camp cars on the former Shevlin-Hixon sawmill site. One of these cars is built on the frame of a Minnesota & Northwestern flat car used to ship sawmill machinery from Minnesota to Oregon when Brooks-Scanlon first set up operations in Bend.

The Brooks-Scanlon camp car body at the High Desert Museum.