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Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company- Photos from Chuck Johnson collection

Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company
Photos from the Chuck Johnson Collection

Chuck Johnson's father worked in the Brooks-Scanlon sawmill through a good part of the 1950's. He was able to take his camera into the mill and take these rare photos. All photos are from the Chuck Johnson collection and are used here with permission.

Left:- The front of the sawmill complex. Right:- Looking at the sawmill from across the log pond.

Two shots of horses pulling stacks of lumber on cars inside the mill complex.

Two more photos of horse drawn carts used to move lumber around inside the mill complex.

Left:- A Hyster forklift, part of the mechanization program that would one day put the horses out to pasture. Right:- Swans swimming in the Deschutes river near the sawmill.

Two shots of logs going through the log washer just before entering the sawmill complex. The log washer cleaned dirt and other accumulated lose debris from each log.

Two views of the Brooks-Scanlong log train crossing the Deschutes River.

Two shots of the general Bend area taken from the hills on the west side of the river.

A panoramic shot of the Brooks-Scanlong sawmill complex. The southern edge of downtown Bend is just visible on the left side of the photo.

Another panoramic shot of the sawmill complex taken from a slightly different angle than the above photo.