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Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad- Gasoline Railbus #5

Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad
Gasoline Railbus #5

Condon, Kinzua & Southern railbus #5 as delivered to the road. Jeff Moore collection

These first two photos are of the Railbus #5 after it received its new body. The first photo is dated 12 April 1947, and the second photo is undated but appears to show the car in the same place. John Taubeneck collection

John Henderson captured the following four photos of the CK&S Railbus #5 on display in Fossil, Oregon. The discolored square patch on one side of the car marks the site of a special sign giving a history of the car; the sign had long since disappeared when John found it. The car got a blue with red and orange stripes paint job to match the Mt. Hood Railroad's diesels while on display in Parkdale, OR, and the group that has the car now would like to operate it in some sort of tourist service on the remaining part of the Willamina & Grande Ronde Railroad in western Oregon. John Henderson photographs, Jeff Moore collection.

The railbus as it appears today, on display in Willamina, Oregon, in June 2018.