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Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad- Kinzua Pine Mills #102

Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad
Kinzua Pine Mills 3-truck Heisler #102

The #102 leading a log train into Kinzua. Note the side dump hoppers and the enginehouse with the open doors at the extreme right side of the picture. Photo from the Marc Reusser collection.

Another shot of the #102 in Kinzua. Photo from the Marc Reusser collection.

The #102 seen here switching some boxcars. Photo from the Marc Entz collection.

Six years after being replaced by GE 70-ton #104, the #102 awaits it's fate sitting between two buildings in the sawmill complex. Photo taken December 1957 by Jerry Lamper.

Another shot of Kinzua Pine Mills #102 taken in December 1957 by Jerry Lamper.

The #102 is seen here in storage at Bridal Veil, Oregon, after leaving Kinzua. Martin E. Hansen collection.

These two photos show the #102 in storage at Banks, Oregon, on 1 April 1967. John Taubeneck collection.

The #102's final storage site before going to the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad was in Woodland, Washington. Clyde Schurman owned the locomotive at this time. Martin E. Hansen collection.

The #102 as she appears today, in operation as Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad #91. Martin E. Hansen photograph.