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Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad- Kinzua Today

Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad
Kinzua Today

During Spring Break 2004 Marc Entze and Camron Settlemier drove along the old Condon Kinzua & Southern grade to see what it looks like 30 years after the last train ran. Some of the photos are shown below.

Camron standing on the remains of an old trestle not far north of the Kinzua town site.

Rails are still embedded in the pavement at an old crossing north of Kinzua. This shot is looking south towards Kinzua.

Looking north towards Condon from the crossing.

The old grade of the Condon Kinzua & Southern is accessible in only a few places between Kinzua and Condon. Marc and Camron were able to access the old grade in one location in the Thirtymile Canyon, and locked gates thwarted efforts to explore any further. These three photos are of the old grade in Thirtymile Canyon.