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Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad- cab ride

Condon Kinzua & Southern Railroad Cab Ride
Photos by Keith Ardinger

In August 1970 Keith Ardinger arrived in Condon to find CK&S #104 switching in the small yard there, making up it's train for the return trip to Kinzua. The train crew offered to let Keith ride along with them back to Kinzua, with the brakeman driving Keith's van from Condon to Kinzua to meet them. Keith accepted the offer, and this series of photos is the result.

The #104 switching in Condon.

Another shot of the #104 switching at Condon. The first car behind the locomotive is a woodchip hopper. The CK&S mainline south to Kinzua is that track curving away to the left.

After the train for the return trip was assembled, the #104 started the trip back to Kinzua leading cab first, giving Keith some excellent views of the right-of-way.

Another view of the right-of-way along Thirty Mile Creek.

Some trees crowding the tracks.

One of the benefits of traveling by train is the opportunity to see wildlife, such as this buck that was startled by the appearance of the train.

The CK&S ran through some prime rattlesnake habitat, and there was a contest each year held between the train crew and the section gang to see which crew could kill the most snakes. The train crew has spotted a snake here, and a brief stop has been made to dispose of the reptile. The train crew carried a big glass jar in the cab of the #104, and the rattles of each snake killed were deposited in the jar. Keith related that the jar conatined a good many rattles.