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City of Prineville Railroad- John Henderson Photos

City of Prineville Railroad
John Henderson Photos

John Henderson visited Prineville on several occassions from the later 1970s through the lat 1990s.

#101 and #103 switching cars in Prineville.

ANother shot of the #101 and #103 assembling an outbound train in Prineville.

#101 and #103 leading a train somewhere on the line.

Another shot of the #101 and #103 leading a train.

One last photo of the #101 and #103 switching in Prineville.

#985 approaches the scale house while switching in Prineville.

Another shot of the #985 switching in Prineville.

#989 pulling loaded woodchip hoppers out of the Ochoco Lumber mill.

#989 switching one of the mills on the line.

#989 pulls a train of mostly woodchip hoppers towards Prineville Junction.

#989 with an outbound train underneath the rimrock geologic formations so common in eastern Oregon.

A COP freight seen through a wheel irrigation line.

The Crooked River Dinner Train sitting at Prineville Junction.

COP had two of these ancient bottom dump hoppers, both purchased from the Nevada Copper Belt.

A pair of ancient side dump hoppers the railroad once owned.

City of Prineville's caboose #202.

The railroad also had two of these former Missouri Pacific cabooses.