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Lake County Railroad- January 2006 Derailment

Lake County Derailment- January 2006
Photo Essay by Gerry Thomas

The Lake County Railroad has suffered two derailments in the first two weeks of January 2006, with the first on January 5 and the second on January 12th. These are photos of the January 12th derailment, which saw several loaded cars of perlite and woodchips go on the ties right at the north end of Alturas. These photos are by Gerry Thomas and used with permission.

Three covered hoppers loaded with Perlite.

A closer view of the trucks of one car dug into the ballast.

Another view of the derailed cars.

Now what....?

Another view of the derailed hoppers.

Two loaded woodchip hoppers. The one on the left appears to be on the ties as well.