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Lake County Railroad- Maintenance of Way Equipment

Lake County Railroad
Maintenance of Way Equipment

Great Western Railway flat #2001 and the rubber tired crane it carried through most of GWR's operations in Lakeview on 27 Mary 1995. Keith E. Ardinger photo.

An old speeder sitting behind the single stall shop building in Lakeview and the ballast hopper it frames both show their Great Western heritage in this photo by Fred K. Harrison. Note that the hopper still carries lettering for the Utah Railroad.

An ex-SP boom truck in the Lakeview yards. Fred K. Harrison photo.

A good part of Lake County's maintenance of way equipment can be seen in this view- the backhoe to the right, with a ballast regulator, a small crane mounted on a flatcar, and a number of ballast hoppers on the track to the left. Fred K. Harrison photo.

One last shots of the Lake County shop area. Fred K. Harrison photo.

Lake County purchased SP caboose #1015 around the time as they bought the railroad. It's seen here carrying Great Western lettering. Keith Ardinger photo.

Lake County also purchased this old side dump hopper in its first years. The car and the caboose have survived through all the various operators and are seen here in Lakeview. Jeff Moore photo.

Great Western eventually removed their fleet of ballast hoppers from the railroad. Frontier brought in a former SP/McCloud Railway ballast hopper during their tenure. Goose Lake has around three of these former Canadian National ballast hoppers on the line.

Luke Noltensmeyer in late May 2022 found Goose Lake's pair of former LPG tank cars retrofitted for firefighting service in Lakeview in the company of the caboose and locomotives 926 and 3852.