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Lake County Railroad #700

Lake County Railroad
Modoc Northern Railroad
Lake Railway
EMD GP-7 #700

Weyerhaeuser Timber #776 already had twenty-four years of service under its belt when the timber giant bought the locomotive for use on its logging railroads out of Vale, Washington. Bob Wilt photo, 29 June 1978.

Four years after the diesel arrived in Washington Weyerhaeuser consolidated its operations with trackage purchased from the abandoning Milwaukee Road into the Chehalis Western. The company relettered the #776 to match the name change. J.M. Seidl image, Western Junction, Washington, 26 May 1983.

The demise of the Chehalis Western prompted Weyerhaeuser to transfer the locomotive to its common carrier subsidiary Columbia & Cowlitz out of Longview, Washington, where Keith Ardinger caught it working on 5 June 1992.

Lake County #700 in Lakeview on 1 September 1998, shortly after arriving. Keith E. Ardinger photo.

Lake County #700 in Lakeview on 23 July 2004. Keith Ardinger photo.

Lake County #700 in Lakeview on 8 August 2004. John Bauer photo, Rob Jacox collection, used with permission.

The #700 next to the shop building in Lakeview. John Barnhill photo, used with permission.

The #700 in Tule Lake on 11 March 2007, shortly after Modoc Northern acquired the unit in its lease of the Lake County Railroad but before it had been repainted. Sheldon Perry photograph.

The #700 in Lakeview in the summer of 2010, now painted for the Modoc Northern. Jim Heringer photo, used with permission.

The #700 in Lakeview on 22 April 2013 after being re-lettered for Lake Railway. Keith E. Ardinger photo, used with permission.