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Oregon California & Eastern Railroad- Boxcars

Oregon California & Eastern Railroad

The OC&E rostered a total of around 143 boxcars through most of the Weyerhaeuser era. The boxcars spent very little time on home rails, as their primary function was to earn per diem revenue for the railroad and the leasing company that owned the cars while in service on other roads.

The boxcars were all "hi-cube" cars built by Gunderson manufacturing. After the shut down of the OC&E the cars were transferred to other Weyerhaeuser-owned shortlines, with most, if not all, of the cars entering the roster of the Columbia & Cowlitz Railroad. The cars recieved new CLC reporting marks, but continued to wear the OC&E lettering into the mid-1990's before they were completely repainted.

OC&E box #4930 in Santa Barbara, CA in February 1979. Charles Lange photo, used with permission.

An ex-OC&E boxcars rolling northbound through Mt. Shasta City, CA around 1993. Jeff Moore photo.