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Oregon California & Eastern Railroad- Jimmy Bryant photos

Oregon California & Eastern Railroad
Photos by Jimmy Bryant

Jimmy Bryant's job as a truck driver for Thrifty Drug Stores in the early- to mid- 1980's allowed him to pass through Klamath Falls on occassion, and on a couple visits he was able to snap some pictures, some of which are displayed on this page.

The #7605 and two other M-K's are seen here slowly rolling a loaded log train through the Burlington Northern's Klamath Falls yard. The OC&E used trackage rights over BN rails to deliver loaded log trains to the Weyerhaeuser mill.

Leased RS-12's #7909 and #7910 are sandwhiched between newly acquired GP-9's #311 and #312 leading a log train into Sycan off of the Woods Railroad in February 1984.

An overview of the Sycan shop complex in February 1984. Locomotive #7603 is parked in front of the shop, while slugs #7606 and #7607 share the track alongside the building with Weyerhaeuser #310. The brown car in the middle of the picture is a former wine tank car that was used to store various lubricating oils.