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Oregon California & Eastern Railroad- Klamath Falls Yard 1994

Oregon California & Eastern Railroad
Klamath Falls Yard- 1994

In the last days of 1994 the author of this web page had just wrapped up his first semester of college. He then joined his family on a quick trip from the family home near Burney, CA up into southern Oregon.

The family stayed one night in a hotel directly adjacent to the site of the Oregon California & Eastern yards in Klamath Falls. Parked on a short remnant of track directly behind the hotel were a couple pieces of former OC&E equipment owned by the Great Western Railroad Museum. The equipment consisted of Baldwin DS-4-4-750 #101, two modern skeleton log cars, an ex-BN coach, and ex-OC&E caboose #2006.

These photos were taken by the author of this website in the morning. The last log train over the OC&E had run a little under four years before, and the rails had been lifted the previous year.

Looking west at the nose of the #101.

The remains of a spur curving away from the yard towards the north.

The #101 and its orphaned train. Apparently taking this photo from the sunny side of the train did not cross my mind at the time.

A close up of the couplers joining the two log cars.

The old yard tracks looking west. The Southern Pacific freight yards can be seen in the distance.

Looking east from the end of track down a right of way where the trains run no more.