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Oregon California & Eastern Railroad- Leased Locomotives

Oregon California & Eastern Railroad
Leased Locomotives

The OC&E relied heavily on leased locomotives from the time Weyerhaeuser bought the railroad up through the late 1970's, when declining traffic levels finally reached the point where the home road's locomotive roster did not need much additional help. The most commonly leased locomotives were SD-9's and GP-9's from the SP and GP-9's from BN; however, a quartet of BN F-units did make a short appearance, as did a Union Pacific "Omaha" GP-20, and a handful of switchers. Here are some shots of some of the locomotives that the OC&E leased during the early Weyerhaeuser years.

SP SD-9 #4404 tied up in Klamath Falls on 5 July 1976. Dan Haneckow photo.

SP SD-9 #4423 coupled to one of the M-K's in Klamath Falls in April 1978. Dan Haneckow photo.

SP SW-1500 #2606 working in the OC&E Klamath Falls yard on 5 July 1976. Dan Haneckow photo.

BN GP-9 #1784 doing some switching on the OC&E in Klamath Falls in March 1977. Dan Haneckow photo.

BN GP-9 #1774 coupled to a M-K in Klamath Falls on 4 February 1978. Dan Haneckow photo.

Union Pacific "Omaha GP-20" (a GP-9 re-built to GP-20 specifications) #304 working with one of the Baldwin RS-12's in Klamath Falls in 1978 or 1979. Dan Haneckow photo.