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Oregon California & Eastern Railroad- Log Trains

Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad
Log Train Photos- 14 February 1977

All photos by Jack Bowden

Three Baldwins lead a northbound train past the Camp 9 Junction. The caboose is carried right behind the locomotives to make switching at the reload simpler.

Another shot of the head end of the log train passing Camp 9 Junction.

The rear of the northbound train passing over the Camp 9 Junction switch.

Later in the afternoon the crew has swapped the empty cars for loaded ones and is on the way back south toward Sycan. The small logs on the first cars behind the locomotives are bound for the sawmill in Bly; all other cars will go west to Klamath Falls. The train is rolling down into Sycan Marsh, between Camps 9 and 15.

One more shot of the train as it heads out across Sycan Marsh.