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Oregon California & Eastern Railroad/Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad- MOW

Oregon California & Eastern Railroad
Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad
Maintenance-of-Way equipment

Below are some pictures of some of the maintenance-of-way equipment used on the OC&E and Woods Railroads.

Flat Cars

Weyerhaeuser flat car #45-35 at rest in the Sycan yards in 1973. Jerry Lampter photo, used with permission.

Side Dump Hoppers

The remains of an old side dump hopper in the Sycan shops in 1973. Jerry Lamper photo, used with permission.


One of the biggest problems facing the OC&E after the Weyerhaeuser purchase of the line was the terrible condition of the track and roadbed structure following decades of neglect. Weyerhaeuser spent a total of $7.8 million dollars between 1975 and 1987 to bring the railroad back into shape. Intially ballast tamping was contracted out, but after a short while the OC&E purchased a tamper of their own. The tamper is seen here at the Sycan shops in 1984. Jimmy Bryant photo.

The tamper is seen here working at the Camp 6 Reload in November 1977. The tamper used lasers to make sure that trackage was properly aligned, and the green structure behind the machine is part of the alignment system. Photo by and courtesy of Jack Bowden.