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Oregon California & Eastern Railroad- Locomotive #7909

Oregon California & Eastern Railroad
Locomotive #7909

Oregon California & Eastern #7909 in in the Klamath Falls yard shortly after arriving on the property. Dan Haneckow photo.

Oregon California & Eastern #7909 involved in a derailment on Bly mountain shortly after its arrival on the OC&E. Note that the Seabord Coast Line markings have been lined over and the "OC&E 209" has been stenciled on the cab. The four Baldwins initially kept their SCL numbers, with their OC&E numbers assigned when they were painted. Photo by and courtesy of George Landrock.

Oregon California & Eastern #7909 sitting in the Sycan yard shortly after its arrival on the OC&E. Photo is dated 1977, but that date may not be correct as the Baldwins were picked up in 1979. Jack Bowden photo.

One more photo of the #7909 sitting in Sycan. Jack Bowden photo.