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Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad- Locomotive #103

Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad
Locomotive #103

Weyerhaeuser #103 wearing its original paint scheme in Sycan. Jerry Lamper photo.

Weyerhaeuser #103 showing signs of being freshly painted in Sycan on 15 October 1973. W.L. Hammond photo, Jeff Moore collection.

Weyerhaeuser #103 in Sycan in 1975. Keith E. Ardinger photo.

Another shot of the Weyerhaeuser #103 in Sycan around 1975.

Weyerhaeuser #103 in the Klamath Falls yard on 5 July 1976. Photo by Dan Haneckow.

Weyerhaeuser #103 in Sycan in 1976. Jeff Moore collection.

Weyerhaeuser #103 in Portland for some mechanical work on 27 February 1978. Keith E. Ardinger photo.

Weyerhaeuser #103 in the dead line at Sycan. Photo by Jimmy Bryant.