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Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad- Locomotive #4

Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad
Locomotive #4

Builder's photo of the Weyerhaeuser #4. Jerry Lamper collection.

The Weyerhaeuser #4 at a log camp west of Klamath Falls. Jerry Lamper collection.

Weyerhaeuser #4 at a log camp somewhere in the woods. Note the nose of 2-8-2 #1 to the right of the #4. Photo from the Marc Ruesser collection.

Weyerhaeuser #4 crossing a trestle out in the woods. Jerry Lamper collection.

The #4 sitting outside the Klamath sawmill with a snowplow in 1954. J.L. Watson photo.

Another shot of Weyerhaeuser #4. Photo by and courtesy of Jerry Lamper.

The boiler of the #4 is seen here resting in the weeds along with an ex-McCloud River Burro crane, an ex-Northern Pacific outfit car, and an ex-Pickering Lumber tank car just east of McCloud, CA in June 2003. Jeff Moore photo.

The #4's tender in November 2002 just east of McCloud, CA, shortly before it was moved to Oregon. Note that the Rayonier and Weyerhaeuser lettering are showing through.