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Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad- Locomotive #4

Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad
Locomotive #6

Weyerhaeuser #6 working with the steam powered track layer, the chore that kept it in operation on the Klamath Division railroads long after it otherwise would have been retired. Jeff Moore collection.

H.F. Stewart photo of the #6 at the Klamath Falls mill on 30 August 1956. Jeff Moore collection.

Weyerhaeuser #6 at at Camp 4 in 1959. Jerry Lamper photo, used with permission.

A color shot of the #6, likely taken at the same time as the above photo. Jerry Lamper photo.

Rear view of the #6. Jerry Lamper photo.

Former Weyerhaeuser #6 operating on the Snoqualmie museum trackage after arriving in Washington.