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Oregon & Northwestern Railroad- 20 Years Gone

Oregon & Northwestern Railroad
20 Years Gone- Page 2

Looking North once again up the grade as it passes through backyards on its way north through town.

This is the former site of the grade crossing that took the Oregon & Northwestern across Highway 395 several miles up Poison Creek Canyon. This view is looking south; the railroad used to cross the highway passing from left to right.

Looking north up the old grade from the site of the Highway 395 grade crossing.

A few miles farther up the canyon the railroad grade comes up next to the highway.

The Forest Service has installed two interpretive panels describing the history of the railroad.

The other interpretive panel.

A few miles north of the panels Highway 395 climbs out of Poison Creek Canyon while the railroad grade continues to follow the creek. On the other side of the summit the railroad grade appears again high on the hillside above the highway. This is a shot of some of the cut and fill work on the old grade above the highway.

The railroad and the highway then parallel each other up the broad expanse of the Silvies River Valley. A few miles north the valley narrows into a canyon. The grade is seen here at the point where it used to cross a Forest Service road. The grade has been turned into a guest ranch access road to the south of the old crossing.

Looking north from the crossing. Rails are still embedded in the pavement at this site.

The grade a few miles farther up the Silvies River Canyon.