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Oregon & Northwestern Railroad- Saving the Baldwins Part 2

Oregon & Northwestern Railroad
Saving the Baldwin Diesels
Part 2: #3 and #4 leave Harney County

The first step on the journey to Portola involved a 130-mile trek across Oregon's desert on the Oregon Eastern. A cooperative train crew allowed FRRS members to document these historic moves.

The #3 is getting a quick brake and bearing check at Crane on 19 July 1991.

Three miles east of Crane the Oregon Eastern started down five miles of 1% grade. Oregon Eastern GP-7 #1608 leads the #3 through the six degree curveat Milepost 123.7 at the top of this grade on 19 July 1991.

The eastbound Oregon Eastern train of 4 September 1991 is about halfway down the five miles of 1% grade, with O&NW #4 tucked in behind the #1608. The train is near Milepost 122.

The buzz of unhappy rattlesnakes fills the air as Oregon Eastern #1608 brings its eastbound train to a halt at Milepost 86.0, just east of the former siding site of Long, OR. The #4 is part of this train. Ken Meeker photo, courtesy of Wayne Monger.

The eastbound train of 19 July 1991 is approaching the west portal of Tunnel #7 at Milepost 71.2, not far east of Juntura, as seen from the cab of #3.

After exiting Tunnel #7 the Oregon Eastern crossed the Malheur River, the 7th of the 19 crossings of this river the railroad made between Ontario and Venator. This shot is also from the #3's cab.

The eastbound train moving the #3 made a special photo stop at the Swamp Creek bridge at Milepost 106.1, which lay four miles east of Venator and three miles west of Dunnean.

The Oregon Eastern train moving the #4 on 4 September 1991 is seen here moving at 25 M.P.H. down the Malheur River Canyon at Milepost 59.0.

The eastbound train moving the #4 is seen here at the upper end of the Malheur River Canyon at Milepost 97.3, four miles west of Riverside and one mile east of the former station site of Fort.

The Namorf station sign at Milepost 51.4 as seen from the cab of the #3 on 19 July 1991.

At Milepost 54.2 the Oregon Eastern passed through Tunnel #6. The west portal of the tunnel is seen here from the rear of the #3. Note the "5274" in the #3's numberboards- that is the original number it carried on the Southern Pacific before going to the O&NW.

The eastbound train of 19 July 1991 is seen here rolling along the lower end of the Malheur River Canyon, between Little Valley and Celatom. The train is at Milepost 32.5.

The eastbound train of 4 September 1991 is seen here switching the Eagle-Pitcher Diatomaceous Earth plant at Celatom. The #4 appears to be leading during some of the switching moves. A few more miles will bring the locomotive to the UP interchange at Ontario.