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Oregon & Northwestern Railroad- Wayne Monger Photos

Oregon & Northwestern Railroad
Wayne Monger Photographs from the 1970's

Wayne Monger made several trips to see the Oregon & Northwestern in the late 1970's. He recorded these photographs over the course of two of these trips, one in August 1977 and the other in August 1978. All photos are by and courtesy of Wayne Monger.

On 22 August 1977 the railroad granted Wayne a ride in caboose #300. This photo is looking backwards out of the cupola as the train rolls through Poison Creek at the foot of the grade up Poison Creek Canyon. Note the empty log cars in the siding and Highway 395 at the extreme left of the photo.

Looking forward from the cupola towards the power, which on today's train is #1 and #3. The train is climbing the grade up Poison Creek Canyon.

Another view of the same train, but nearing the summit. The curve ahead of the locomotives is the one that locomotive #26 and its runaway train wrecked on in January 1947- see the photo page about that wreck in the Photos section of the front page.

The late afternoon finds the train stopped at Trout Creek to pick up 30 empty log cars from the siding at that point. This view is looking forward from the #300's front platform.

The late afternoon of 22 August 1977 finds the #1 leading a northbound train out of the tunnel at the summit.

Caboose #300 brings up the rear of the train as it starts down the grade towards Trout Creek.

Wayne made a return trip to the Oregon & Northwestern just shy of a year after he took the above photos. This photo features a long northbound train powered by locomotives #1, 4, and 3 crossing a large fill- formerly site of a trestle- about 4 miles south of Trout Creek. Date is 7 August 1978.

The train of 7 August 1978 is seen here arriving at the south end of the Seneca yard. The train crew will spend the next hour or so switching the log reload and the small sawmill, with the return trip back to Burns made well after dark.