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Sumpter Valley Railway Company Equipment

Sumpter Valley Railway
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The Sumpter Valley Railroad built caboose #5 in the Baker City shops in 1926 using parts salvaged from an old Utah & Northern caboose. The original company conveyed the car to the Eastern Oregon Museum in Haines, Oregon, when the railroad closed, and the Sumpter Valley Railroad Reconstruction obtained the car back about 1980. The restoration group also has former Sumpter Valley caboose #3, which is visually almost identical to the #5. Top photo- , Jeff Moore; bottom photo, John Henderson photograph, Jeff Moore collection.

Flat Cars

Plymouth #101 coupled to work flat #501, one of several flatcars the restoration group acquired from Crown Zellerbach along with the #101. John Henderson photographs, Jeff Moore collection.

Fire Car

Eastern Oregon is dry country, and the restoration group has built this fire car to provide fire suppression along the line as needed. Jeff Moore photograph.

Flat Cars

The ballast tamper used by the Sumpter Valley Railway Restoration group.