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Sumpter Valley Railway- USFS Interpretive Site on Dixie Summit

Sumpter Valley Railway
USFS Sumpter Valley Interpretive Site

The Malheur National Forest in recent years has developed an interpretive site devoted to the history of the Sumpter Valley Railway off Highway 26 near the top of Dixie Summit. Centerpiece of the site is several hundred feet of track laid on the original grade through the lower switchback, along with numerous interpretive display signs, a short hiking trail, and some other recreational facilities.

The sign at the entrance to the site.

An overview of the site on one of the interpretive panels.

The rebuilt trackage on the lower level of the switchback.

The view looking along both legs of the switchback from the tail track.

The switch stand next to the switch on the rebuilt trackage.

Looking back towards the tail track from the upper track.

Looking down at the rebuilt trackage from the trail farther up the hill.

Part of a steam donkey recovered from the surrounding woods and displayed at the site.

Interpretive panels along the trail that winds through the site.