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Sumpter Valley Railway Freight Equipment

Sumpter Valley Railway
Freight Equipment


A former Sumpter Valley boxcar body lying abandoned. John Henderson photograph, Jeff Moore collection.

The body of Sumpter Valley Railway boxcar #1352 on the ground behind the McEwan shop. Top photo- John Henderson photograph, Jeff Moore collection; bottom photo, Jeff Moore.


Pictured here are two Ralston bottom dump gondolas, both acquired by the Sumpter Valley Restoration group from the White Pass & Yukon railroad. The railroad uses them today mostly in ballast and photo freight service. John Henderson photographs, Jeff Moore collection.

Stock Cars

Sumpter Valley #2022 and an un-numbered sister are two of several original Utah & Northern/Sumpter Valley stock car bodies the Sumpter Valley Restoration has been able to find and add to their collection. One intact stock car rests on the original alighnment a ways east of the McEwan depot and has been used as an advertising billboard in past years. Jeff Moore photographs.

Miscellaneous Cars

One of several tank cars on the rebuilt Sumpter Valley. Jeff Moore photograph.

A photo freight consist in front of the restoration shop at McEwan. This set consists of two ex-East Broad Top/White Pass & Yukon steel hoppers, a tank car, two flatcars, and caboose #5. Jeff Moore photographs.