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Sumpter Valley Railway- photographs by John Henderson

Sumpter Valley Railway
Photographs by John Henderson

John Henderson made several trips to the Sumpter Valley Railway during the last few years of his life. The images he captured below show the railroad as it existed in the later part of the 1990's and early 2000's. All photographs on this page are by John Henderson and are from the Jeff Moore collection.

Sumpter Valley Restoration #101 switching cars next to the original McEwan shop.

Eccles #3 leading a train from Sumpter into the McEwan depot.

Coach #20 and one of the original excursion cars rebuilt from D&RGW gondolas at the McEwan depot.

Eccles #3 running around the train at the McEwan depot.

Eccles #3 switching at McEwan.

Eccles #3 taking on water at McEwan.

Eccles #3 coupled onto the train and preparing to depart for Sumpter.

On another day, the passenger consist is spotted at the McEwan depot and a cloud of steam announces the approach of the #19.

#19 preparing to couple to the passenger train to start today's operations.

The view looking back from the last car as the train arrives in Sumpter. A fire patrol speeder has followed the train up from McEwan and is preparing to enter the passing siding the railroad uses to run locomotives around trains at the Sumpter end of the line.