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Sumpter Valley Railway- A Visit to Sumpter in June 2012

Sumpter Valley Railway
A Visit to Sumpter in June 2012

In June 2012, the operator of this site and his daughter paid a visit to Sumpter to ride the train and see other sites around the area. Following are a few of the highlights of the trip.

W.H. Eccles #3 leading a train out of Sumpter.

The #3 pushing its train into the Sumpter depot.

Looking east from the end of track at McEwan. One of the proposed extensions would rebuild the railroad from this point towards the U.S. Forest Service Union Creek campground and recreation area.

#3 approaching McEwan with the last train of the day.

Sumpter Valley Railway volunteer crewmen preparing to service the #3.

The railroad uses this forklift to place racks of wood on the platform; refueling the #3 is done by hand from this point.

End of another day. The crew has spotted the #3 next to caboose #5 for the night.