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Sumpter Valley Railway Passenger Equipment

Sumpter Valley Railway
Passenger Equipment

Coach #20

Union Pacific built coach #20 in 1884 for the Utah & Northern, and the original Sumpter Valley purchased the car from the U&N in 1891. The car served the railroad until 1942, first as a passenger car and then as an outfit car. The car bounced around after the railroad retired the car in 1942, eventually ending up in the hands of a private collector and stored near Cottage Grove, Oregon. The Sumpter Valley Restoration group purchased the car in 1990, largely through the generosity of Emma Eccles Jones, last surviving child of David Eccles. The car is named Emma Eccles Jones in honor of the gifts she made to the project that made restoring the car feasible.

One of the logos used by the Sumpter Valley frosted into the glass. Jeff Moore photographs.

Business Car #100

Business car #100 originally served the Bingham & Garfield Railroad/Kennecott Copper Company operations in Utah. It is a standard gauge car that has been placed on narrow gauge trucks for occassional use on the Sumpter Valley. Jeff Moore photograph.

Open Cars

Sumpter Valley Railway Reconstruction converted the #1201 from a D&RGW high side gondola; this car has since left the property, but the railroad continues to operate several similar cars built on the frames of White Pass & Yukon flatcars. John Henderson photograph, Jeff Moore collection.