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Union Railroad of Oregon- A Visit to Union in May 2021

Union Railroad of Oregon
A Visit to Union in May 2021

In May 2021 the operator of this site briefly toured the remnants of the Union Railroad of Oregon.

The railroad's freight depot still stands on Arch Street.

A former warehouse building across the street from the depot that still has boxcar height doors cut in the wall.

Looking east along Arch Street from the depot. The feed mill once stood to the left side of the street.

The view west through Union. The freight depot is visible on the right. The tracks once ran down the middle of the street.

The railroad ran down the middle of Arch Street for about seven blocks before entering the sawmill complex. This is the view looking east back towards the depot from the west end of the street trackage.

Looking west into the former sawmill site.

Concrete blocks and foundations are all that remains of the sawmill that sustained the railroad in its final decades.

Rails are still in place starting at the former crossing of South 10th Street at the point the railroad entered the western edge of the sawmill.

The view across the 10th Street Crossing, looking north. Arch Street wraps around the north side of the old sawmill and ends at 10th Street, the road continues west as Union Junction Lane.

Looking west from the 10th Street crossing. A power pole has been planted between the rails just off the edge of the crossing. The railroad parallels Union Junction Lane from here to Union Junction.

Union Junction Lane once crossed the railroad about halfway to Union Junction, though the crossing itself has been removed. This view is looking back east towards Union from the crossing.

Looking west from the crossing towards Union Junction from the crossing. The rails removed from the crossing have been dragged between the rails of the mainline.

The railroad used to have a wye at Union Junction. Only the switch for the south leg remains.

A few lengths of rail from the south leg are still on the ground in a horse pasture south of Union Junction Lane.

The UO main line swinging towards the junction with the UP along what had been the north leg of the sye.

The UO main still connects with a siding off the UP main line.