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Union Railroad of Oregon- Trackage in Union

Union Railroad of Oregon
Trackage in Union

All photographs on this page- John Henderson photographs, Jeff Moore collection.

The sawmill at Union lay on the western end of town. This view is taken just east of the sawmill and shows the tracks heading down into Arch street towards the heart of Union.

The start of street running on Arch Street in Union.

Crossing Main Street- also Oregon State Highway 203- in downtown Union.

The feed mill that once provided a small but important amount of business to the railroad. The structure has since been raised and is now a grassy field.

Looking down the old right-of-way east from the feed mill.

Looking back west from the feed mill back towards downtown Union.

Another view looking west from the feed mill. The small red building to the right just past the feed mill is the original Union Railroad of Oregon freight depot, and the white building beyond the stop sign on the left side of the tracks also has doors cut into the side through which freight cars could once be loaded and unloaded.