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Wallowa Union Railroad- 2021 NARCOA Trip

Wallowa Union Railroad
NARCOA Trip of June 2021

The railroad industry extensively used motorcars, also known as speeders, in many chores until replaced by hi-rail equipped vehicles. Railroads found a ready market for cast off speeders in the railroad enthusiast community, and several organizations exist to organize speeder runs over varoius railroads. The North American Railcar Operators Association (NARCOA) chartered one such event on the Idaho, Northern & Pacific and Wallowa-Union Railroad on 26 June 2021. Luke Noltensmeyer participated in the event, and he sent along the following photographs.

Coming into Elgin after finishing on the Idaho Northern and Pacific portion of the Joseph Branch

Elgin, Oregon, with the Speeders on the main with the Eagle Cap Excursion in the Siding next to the Depot and Maintenance house

Running between Elgin and Gulling

Between Gulling and Looking Glass

Coming into Looking Glass

Running over where the Wallowa and Grand Ronde rivers meet at Rondowa

Between Kimmel and Minam in the Canyon

Crossing Oregon Highway 82 in Minam after coming out of the canyon

Crossing Highway 82 in Wallowa. Just before they arrive we were cleaning out the crossing

Rolling through the fields between Wallowa and Enterprise

Running between Wallowa and Enterprise

Coming into Joseph past the switches into the mill