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Oregon Eastern Railroad- April 2021 Freight Operations

Oregon Eastern Railroad
April 2021 Freight Operations

Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez dropped by Vale on 27 April 2021, where he found the Oregon Eastern #2182 at work. After switching in Vale for a while the train headed west to Celatom and return.

The #2182 on the main line at the eastern end of the Vale yard.

A closer view of the #2182.

#2182 about to cross Highway 26 in Vale.

Switching in Vale.

More switching in Vale.

The train nearing the western end of the Vale yard.

Departing Vale.

Rolling along Highway 20 west of Vale.

Rounding one of the few curves on the line west of Vale.

One last shot of the #2182 shoving into the EP Minerals plant at Celatom.